Grinding Machine

Milling Machine

BODY : The BODY is made from high tensile graded gray cast iron with additional metals for long life, wear resistance and high strength. The body has a hardness of 180 BHN and tensile strength of more than 450 MPA.

NOTE : Also available in Steel Body with Handed and Ground.


JAWS : The JAWS are made of case  hardening alloy steel having low carbon, nickel chromium & molybdenum having hardness between 58 to 62 HRC. Special attention is paid to the heat treatment process of the JAWS teeth to avoid breakages of the JAWS teeth. JAWS teeth are chamfered to reduce the friction and to impart longer life to the scroll plate.


SCROLL PLATE : The SCROLL PLATE is made of high tensile, wear resist and forged alloy steel having nickel & chrome. It is precision machined, hardened and ground for smooth operation, higher accuracy and longer life.


PINION : The PINION is made of forged, high tensile alloy steel having hardened and ground bearing diameters. PINION is provided with stub teeth which with stand very high tightening load. It is specially heat treated to obtain high strength.


OPERATING KEY : The OPERATING KEY made of alloy steel is provided with the chuck.